Monthly Archives: July 2017

Creekside at Bethpage on 8/29/17

I will be presenting “Living Trusts: why you probably don’t need one” to my friends at Creekside at Bethpage on Tuesday, August 29th from 6-7 pm.

Have you gotten a postcard recently from an attorney telling you not to be a “burden” on your children, to avoid “burdening” them, you must use a trust? Are you afraid of the “hassle” and “delay” of probate? Do you wonder if your neighbor having a trust means you should have one too? This presentation takes the mystery out of living trusts and explains when a trust is necessary and when it is not. Important issues and topics to be addressed include:

  1. When is a trust necessary? When is it not?
  2. What is a living trust? What is a testamentary trust? Do you need either?
  3. How does a living trust operate?
  4. Does a trust help you avoid creditors?
  5. Does a trust really help you avoid probate? (you might be surprised)
  6. How you can avoid probate without a trust (and without lawyers)
  7. Are other documents needed if you have a trust?
  8. How does tax planning tie in with a trust?

Carolina Arbors on 8/8/17

I am looking forward to presenting to the residents of Carolina Arbors on August 8th from 10-11 am.  The topic is “Living Trusts: why you probably don’t need one” and we’ll discuss if a living trust is right or even necessary for most individuals.