Business Presentations

How to Survive in this Economic Jungle

Overview: Tom McCuiston addresses collections concerns and clients’ options when having to act as a debtor or creditor in tough economic times.

Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Who to pay first when creditors are on the attack.
  2. Protecting you from bad debts and not getting paid.
  3. Protecting your assets from creditor’s claims.
  4. Bankruptcy and when it is a good option.
  5. Debt collection basics.

Starting a Business

Overview: Tom McCuiston discusses business startup procedures and self-employment issues that are essential to the success of a new business.

Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Deciding which business entity is best for you.
  2. Examine tax consequences of private ownership.
  3. Accounting methods and preparing tax returns.

Purchasing and Selling a Business

Overview: Tom McCuiston gives a thorough explanation of the preparation, negotiations, and closing process of a business sale transaction from the point of view of the buyer and the seller.

Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Preparing mentally to buy or sell a business.
  2. Choosing your closing team.
  3. Due diligence.
  4. Important contract terms and what they mean.
  5. Negotiations.

Year-end Strategic Planning Tips

Overview: Tom McCuiston offers guidance on strategic opportunities that can be taken by business owners at the end of every year to maximize tax incentives and save money.

Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Using retirement accounts to save you on taxes.
  2. Collections and receivables; making sure you get paid.
  3. Inventory and how it affects taxes.

Business Succession

Overview: Tom McCuiston explains what happens to business ownership interests when one owner dies and how to maintain control over your business both in life and death.

Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Insuring the company to protect in case a partner dies.
  2. Estate planning issues for business owners.
  3. Tax consequences of a business transfer at death.
  4. Co-owners and the control each owner has over the business.
  5. Unexpected death of an owner and the consequences of being unprepared.