Tax Presentations

An Introduction to Tax Representation

Overview: Tom McCuiston addresses what tax representation is and why it should be part of your practice. Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Defining tax representation.
  2. Dispelling the myths of the difficulty of tax representation.
  3. Expanding your expertise to better represent your client’s tax needs.
  4. Tax penalties and possible abatement.
  5. Differences between and lien and levy.
  6. Basics of negotiating with the IRS and DOR.
  7. Bankruptcy and when it is a good option.

Basics of Bankruptcy

Overview: Tom McCuiston teaches the essential rules to follow when determining if bankruptcy is a good option for your client. Among the topics discussed are:

  1. IRS debt and when it can be discharged.
  2. Statute of limitations on certain tax assessments.

What To Do When the IRS or DOR
is Knocking at Your Client’s Door

Overview: Tom McCuiston addresses options when the IRS or DOR is beginning collections against your client. Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Client’s options when there is a tax lien or levy.
  2. Responding to the IRS or DOR.
  3. Installment agreements
  4. Offers in compromise.
  5. Criminal charges and when the IRS or DOR will file them.
  6. Payment plans that work for your client.

Year-end Strategic Planning Tips

Overview: Tom McCuiston offers guidance on strategic opportunities that can be taken by business owners at the end of every year to maximize tax incentives and save money. Among the topics discussed are:

  1. Using retirement accounts to save you on taxes.
  2. Collections and receivables; making sure you get paid.
  3. Inventory and how it affects taxes.